Meet Terry

Terry Sumerlin is not only an accomplished speaker. He is a person of vast life experiences. He has been in direct sales and owned a small business. He has also taught people and communication skills to professionals in many different fields.

Having traveled to 36 states and 26 countries, Terry understands people, diversity, and change. He is a careful student of human actions and interactions, as well as a voracious reader.

For ten years, he wrote a monthly leadership column for the San Antonio Business Journal. He is also the author of four leadership books, including Leadership: It Takes More Than a Great Haircut! This book was nominated for a Global E-book Award.

Terry is a strong advocate of life being what we become – not what we get. He believes we are not just human beings. We are “human becomings” who should be getting better and better, while making a positive difference in the lives of everyone we meet.

One of the greatest compliments Terry has ever received came from someone who heard him speak. The gentleman was from a vastly different culture, which made his comment in the evaluation especially touching. It read, “Terry was a great communicator from the time he introduced himself to me to the time he finished speaking.”

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