What is your fee?
A fee schedule is available upon request, and takes into consideration such factors as length of presentation and location.
I noticed an endorsement at the bottom of your "keynote themes" page regarding your emcee services. Would you be available to emcee an event for which you are also a speaker?
Definitely! In fact, because I would already be at the event we could "bundle" the two fees and create a significant savings for you for the two services.
How much flexibility do you have with the length of your presentations?
The presentations can be from 30 minutes to 90 minutes in length. (Seminars are up to four hours.) Depending on how the specific event is running, reasonable changes in length of the presentation can be made at the last minute.
Will you customize your speech to my group?
Certainly! When I do, it’s helpful to know the specific needs of the group, what you hope to accomplish, as well as any terminology unique to the audience. I will use that information, as well as information gathered in interviews with attendees, to tailor my speech to your particular audience.
Do you have any restrictions on where you will travel for a speaking engagement?
None. However, if the engagement involves travel outside the continental US, the increase in travel costs would have to be considered.
What type of equipment do you need for your presentations?
A podium and either a hand-held microphone with a long cord or a wireless microphone.
Can you give advice on setting up the room for your presentation?
Yes. Generally that will depend upon the size of the group and the type of presentation. I am happy to provide insight into what has worked for my presentations in the past.
You seem to use a lot of humor. Is it suitable for a mixed group and all ages?
Do you prefer larger or smaller groups?
Either one! My presentations can be customized to the size of the group, whether it’s an audience of 10 or 1,000.
Do you sell your book at speaking engagements?
Only if I am given permission to do so. When books are purchased as a gift for attendees, a special discount is available.
Are you available to the group only during the time of your speech?
Within reason, I’m at the event to be of service – before, during and after.
Would you be able to give more than one presentation to the same conference or convention?
Yes, and they could be completely different presentations.
Do you require any special arrangements for getting to and from the airport?
If someone would like to meet me and take me where I need to go, that would be nice. However, I’m also comfortable with taxicabs.
How much lead time do you need to book a speaking engagement?
Enough time to get there! Actually, it is wise to get on my schedule as early as possible.
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