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The Top Ten

by Terry L. Sumerlin Perhaps you remember the old Listerine mouthwash commercial that said, “I hate it, but I use it twice a day.”  That describes my love/hate relationship with social media.  In view of a study that has determined … Continue reading

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The Most Powerful Disconnector

by Terry L. Sumerlin Have you ever been angry?  That’s a little like asking if you’ve ever drawn a breath, isn’t it?  We’ve all been angry and likely will be again.  That’s okay! Anger is simply an emotion, as are … Continue reading

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A Great Way to De-Stress

by Terry L. Sumerlin As we sat and sat on the runway of the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, waiting for our turn to take off, I stared out the window.  The two hours it would take to get from Miami … Continue reading

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Four Communication Myths

by Terry L. Sumerlin One of my favorite writers, Sydney J. Harris, was a longtime columnist for the Chicago Daily News.  Known for his penetrating and thought-provoking comments on people and life, he made this often-quoted observation: “Information is giving … Continue reading

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