Program Themes

Both entertaining and motivating,  Terry’s keynotes and presentations are customized to your audience but also come from his heart. His program themes include topics appropriate for anyone in the business world – executives, mid-level managers and customer-contact employees. Technical and clerical staffs alike have found his presentations valuable. In fact, anyone who works with someone can benefit from learning new leadership skills to make them a success.

Terry’s presentations help businesses:

  • Reduce employee turnover and increase loyalty and cooperation
  • Enhance customer service and satisfaction
  • Reduce internal conflict and promote teamwork
  • Create an environment that is inspirational and motivational, creating greater productivity from everyone!
  • Eliminate employee stress and burnout

Terry takes great pride in developing presentations that are customized to his audience and that address their particular workplace needs. His keynotes range from 30 – 90 minutes in length and use humorous stories and anecdotes to create a memorable message. He’s also developed a series of one-hour leadership training sessions around similar themes. These are interactive sessions with group activities.

If you don’t see exactly what you need among the themes below, you will find more ideas on Terry’s blog. Terry can often build a presentation that is uniquely designed for your particular meeting or conference theme.

Leadership for Today’s Professional

This presentation tackles some of a business’s greatest leadership challenges by focusing on unchanging needs:

  • A positive attitude
  • Enthusiasm and commitment
  • Optimism
  • Effective communication skills
  • A sense of humor
  • Persistence


Do others see us as being on top of our game, and as someone they can depend on? Do we inspire the confidence of others? Are we effective or ineffective in our interactions? This entertaining, common-sense presentation helps us find answers to these and other vital questions by dealing with three important areas of professionalism: attitude, communication and stress management. You will leave feeling refreshed and refueled.

WORKSHOP | Leadership for Today’s Professional

Presented either as five one-hour sessions or a half-day workshop. This includes group activities. The below workshop topics are also offered as individual keynotes:

  • Positive Attitudes – Choose to have a positive attitude, and your team will be more productive and engaged. This session forms the foundation for the others that follow.
  • Positive Relationships – You can create better business relationships among your staff and clients. This session covers listening and communication skills, and responding vs. reacting.
  • Positive Influence – The heart of great leadership is building a “trust account” with stakeholders and using that to assert a positive influence. Learn the importance of encouraging optimism, maturity and a wholesome sense of humor.
  • Positive Professional Image – A leader who is viewed as confident is an effective leader. This session covers self-confidence, positive speech and time management techniques.
  • Positive Perspectives – Successful leaders are challenged to seize opportunity, take reasonable risks, and rise above the trivial. This session will help instill pride and professionalism in team leaders.


Let Terry emcee your next event!

“In 2012, Terry Sumerlin was emcee for our biggest and most important US conference ever and he was the ideal choice: a charming, good-humoured, upbeat and warm-hearted host! Terry is very reliable and easy to work with, while on stage he has a gift for connecting with the audience and the speakers, with an impeccable sense of timing and propriety. We will invite him back any time!”
Mike Lee, CEO of ATM Industry Association, Cape Town, South Africa

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